I'll Raise The Sun (You Raise The Moon)

by Archers Of Agincourt

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A ballad from Celestia to Luna; still sisters and friends despite overwhelming odds.


Some nights I wake up and I
see the moon and I see
swirling galaxies and I
Think of you.

Somewhere up there's a friend.
A friend I lost long ago.
Sometimes I wonder if you see me too.
When I raise the sun up for you.
I raise the sun up for you.

Long have I waited
for your moon to shine
And now you're back with me
After all this time.

Where do we go now from here?
It's been a thousand years.
Can we go back to what it used to be?
When you raised the moon up for me?
When you raised the moon up for me.

Oh Sister, I've been so tired
of singing sad songs
and of
being alone.
But now you
have to choose to receive
the friendship before you
I leave.

I'll raise the sun up for you.
You raise the moon up for me.


released July 26, 2012




Archers Of Agincourt Hartford, Connecticut

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